Want to save on your next gorilla trek? Gorilla safari holidays are truly expensive considering the money you pay for the permits alone. The $1500, $600 and $450 gorilla permits fees for Rwanda, Uganda and Congo respectively are quite expensive and not so many can afford it. Sometimes we crave so much that we end up sparing that money for an adventure because it is simply irresistible. In such cases, you may try so much to cut costs to make your gorilla tour as cheaper as you can. This is where budget gorilla trekking comes into play! To ensure you still get to enjoy an awesome experience with the gorillas irrespective of what is available to spend. You should know that the actual encounter with gorillas doesn't change and is the same across all travel settings. The only variations come in terms of lodging and transportation. Going budget doesn't necessarily mean low levels of comfort as many think. This is absolutely wrong and depends so much on your operator's existing cost cutting measures. If no measures are in place then your expedition might suck so bad. Good news is we have such measures in place and have implemented them successfully for all our previous affordable gorilla safaris. We have organized so much of such trips before and can craft for you one. Comfort should never be your worry because we guarantee you will still get a magical experience for your price.

Interested on knowing how we do this? We have partnered with a few accommodation facilities in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which has helped us get their facilities at discount rates so as to favor our budget clients. The price we pay for this is sending in an agreed volume of clients monthly which we always do. These lodges also offer our guests all the meals of a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) plus a few soft drinks along the way. This way, our clients are able to stay in standard accommodation facilities and travel in air-conditioned vehicles. These are just some of the arrangements we have put in place to enable us cater for clients who have less to spend on their safaris. So are you a budget gorilla trekking tourist or a typical backpacker? Look through some of our packages below and allow us to plan your adventure.

Budget Gorilla Safari Holidays in Uganda and Rwanda