Looking for where to see chimpanzees in the wild? Uganda chimpanzees are some of the best to track on the African continent. You shouldn't resist an inch to have your chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda. Kibale Forest National Park is apparently the primate capital of East Africa and has the highest concentration of primates among st all national parks in the world. Ngamba Island is a virgin isolated destination that shelters the orphaned chimps. The magical Kyambura gorge offers one of the finest experiences you will ever come across. The chimpanzee encounter in the "Pearl of Africa" is not only amazing but also raw. You will get to see these apes in their natural habitat and get to spend a full hour around them. The activity requires one to have a permit that costs $150 per person. This permit can be booked directly in person or through a local safari company. When you secure one, your dates are reserved and you can rest be assured of an encounter with chimps. We can help you arrange a whole safari or purchase the permits instead. Spark off your adventure today by looking through some of our Uganda chimpanzee trekking safaris.

Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking, Habituation Safaris