Sometimes the hardest part of organizing a safari is when you intend to involve your family. The whole setting suddenly changes and planning gets a bit more complicated, more so when you have children under the age of 16. This is partly why some couples travel at separate intervals - so that one of them stays home with the kids. So how do you share the fun equally with your family? What you should know is, not every safari package out there is customized to match a family travel style. Your tours and travel operator has to make a couple of adjustments in terms of accommodation, transportation, meals and safety. We have arranged several of Uganda family safaris before hence, guarantee you the experience you need regarding your expedition. All the packages below are designed to engage each and every member of your family when you travel. Much as activities like gorilla tracking require a minimum age of 15, it doesn't really hurt letting the adults carry out such activities while the kids carry out their own. Regarding accommodation, family cottages are highly recommended. They enable you to sleep under one roof with easy access for each other. We are ready to plan for you a comfortable tour whatever your budget is. See some of our tours below.

Family Tours and Travel Packages