If i were to give you reasons to travel to Rwanda for a tour, the list would definitely be endless. Rwanda safaris are undoubtedly one of the best in the continent but unfortunately not so many travelers have them on their travel bucket list. It is mainly tourists that wish to visit Mountain Gorillas that undertake safaris to Rwanda. These endangered primates are the face of the country's tourism industry and bring in the biggest share of revenue each year. They live in Volcanoes National Park, a gem that lies in the Virunga Conservation Area. This Rwanda safari park is not only a popular destination in Ruanda, but also carries a lot of history. It was the first national park to be gazetted in Africa hence, making it the oldest. This is the same park where Dian Fossey spent majority of her lifetime carrying out research on Mountain Gorillas and fighting for their conservation as well. Rwanda has abundance in three national parks with a possibility of having a fourth, harbors the big five game animals and has a high concentration of wildlife. Our Rwanda travel packages highlight some of the best holiday destinations along with interesting activities that you will definitely enjoy. We have run several tours in Rwanda before and we guarantee you the best experience during your visit. Please get in touch with us below or rather browse through our Rwanda holiday packages for day to day schedules.

Rwanda Safari Packages