Wild camping might be affordable but turns out fun most of the times. Spending a vacation while staying in camps, campers or tents rewards a true feeling of the wilderness. It makes you feel like you are part of the wild. We do offer budget camping safaris in Uganda to clients who want the costs of their packages reduced. The safaris mainly favor backpackers and shoestring travelers because it makes them save more. Want to know how much wild camping costs in Uganda? Your stay can cost as little as $15 a night for small tents and around $70 for an average tent. A small percentage of moderate tents are self contained, majority of them have shared facilities. We have managed to select out good accommodation facilities that provide excellent facilities in each of the safari destinations you will visit in Uganda. Despite being in the wild, their camp locations are always safe and secure and are always guarded by armed park rangers. So many rules and regulations are put in place too and ought to be followed. Your adherence to these rules will enhance further safety.

So would you love to save on your next safari? Set an eye through some of our itineraries below, choose out one and inquire about it. Endeavor to include detailed information regarding the kind of experience you want. Clearly indicate if you wish to use your own equipment, if you want us to hire one for you or rather wish to sleep in tented camps. Also indicate your budget and style of travel. Some tented camps are luxury, self contained and offer equally good top notch facilities where as some are cheap. When we get all these details, it will be easy for us to craft for you a tour package that matches your budget and preference. Please see some of our tours below.

Cheap Camping Safaris in Uganda