Feel discouraged by the long journeys to national parks? Scheduled and chartered flights can help a lot to cut down on distance. They instead create more time for you to carry out more tour activities. When you book any of our Uganda flying safaris, you will hardly spend 2 hours travelling to a safari destination. This is far much better than the 6 - 15 hour road journeys on the first and last days of your safari depending on where you are travelling to. Flying gorilla safaris will for example save you the 9 hour journey from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. When you opt for a fly in tour, you will instead spend approximately 2 hours travelling to and from. This might be a much comfortable option but comes at an extra cost. It is mainly luxury and a few select mid-rage clients who book Uganda flying safaris. As you plan your tour, you ought to know the difference between scheduled flights and chartered flights. Scheduled flights are far much cheaper and should cost you about $350 per person per trip but depart on schedule. Chartered flights can be organized at any time and cost quite much per route.

So do you want a whole new transportation twist to your holiday? Our luxury holidays will reward you the comfort and experience that stretch beyond your expectations. We have partnered with some of the finest flight companies in the country to offer fly in tours to most of the national parks in Uganda. These companies include Aerolink and Eagle Air. We use them for all our holiday trips and clients often like their services. Let us add comfort to your holiday and save you the hustle of travelling long distances by road! Look through some of our packages below.

Flying Safaris in Uganda