Just got wedded and looking to add the biggest spark to your new milestone? Love is a precious gift and its existence is highly appreciated. Want to get close to the wilderness, forests or prefer to stay near the waters? How about you took on a balloon ride in Murchison Falls National Park or Queen Elizabeth National Park and got a bird's eye view of wildlife roaming around the parks. We are ready to take you to some of the prettiest honeymoon destinations in Uganda so as to keep the butterflies alive and strong at very affordable rates. This is the moment to create more memories in your lives - something you will always reminisce and feel so proud of. We have organised so many successful honeymoon safaris in Uganda before! We can do the same for you and add a couple of unforgettable safari activities in various destinations to keep the moments alive. Our packages range from budget to mid-range and luxury depending on what you can afford. If you are low on budget, you shouldn't worry either because we know some of the best cheap places to go for honeymoon in Uganda. We try so much to ensure that every package provides some kind of experience that is worth appreciating. If you want the best experiences, go slumber! Spending your cold nights in some of the finest safari lodges in the country is so worth it. We organize memorable romantic getaways in Uganda. See some of our honeymoon packages below.

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