Planning to go white water rafting in Uganda? Turning up among the most fun tour activities to carry out in Jinja, the adventure is an experience of its own. Tours take place on River Nile - a 4000 miles long river that happens to be the longest in the whole world. Your starting point won't be so far away from the source of the nile, a perfect chance for you to see where this mighty long river originates from to stretch out wide till the banks of the Mediterranean sea. Whether its your first time, second or third, the adventure will always have a unique experience for you. Through our partner white water rafting companies, we have managed to organize so many successful adventures before. Apparently a small number of companies offer safaris for rafting in Uganda but we managed to partner with the best. The three companies we work with include; Nile River Explorers, Nalubale Rafting and Adrift. Prior to the adventure, each tourist is provided with a helmet and a life jacket specially crafted to keep you floating on the surface and allow you to swim safely through any of the rapids. Please check out some of our Uganda white water rafting safaris below.

White water rafting safaris in Jinja